Many times, travelers coming to stay in hostel avoid keeping the room clean. They avoid cleaning their dishes after their meal, keep the bathroom dirty after using and so on. When you’ve decided to stay in a hostel during your travel, it is important to follow etiquettes and tell your roomies to do the same.

  1. The Kitchen – Hostels offer cooking your own meal by allowing you to use the kitchen. However, the sad part is that many of them forget to clean-up after using most of the utensils. For instance; if you’re used a chopping board to cut some vegetables, then it is important to clean them afterwards. The same goes with the frying pans, plates etc. One of the main reasons to keep them washed at all times is because it later becomes difficult to get the stains off.
  2. The Toilet –Well truth be told, it’s quite common to see dirty toilets wherever we usually go. The same can be seen in hostels where you get to see dirt accumulated on the doorknobs and taps, disposable wipes lying around etc. Whenever you get the time, then throw the wipes into the dustbin and apply some spray on the mirror to give it a shine.
  3. The Extra –These are some additional set of things to do. First would be to make a time-table and mention who gets to do the work. Second would be to finish the work rather than leaving it half. And third would be to let others know that cleaning procedure is going on by turning on some sort of soft music.

These are some of the ways to keep your dorm clean during your stay in a hostel of Thailand.