For those of you unsure as to exactly what a hybrid bicycle is; it is essentially a mixture of mountain and road bike; appropriate for many general-purpose rides within an assortment of terrain. 

If you are researching the option of purchasing hybrid kind of bicycles, online shopping is the way to go. You can find a great collection of decent hybrid bikes at and other online sources.

Here are some things you want to know before committing to buy.

The difference between a hybrid vehicle and a normal road bike is the braking and changing is quite much like that of a mountain bicycle, instead of comprising integrated brake and shift levers (as normally found on street bikes). The seating position is vertical, which clearly impedes rate, but also makes for a more secure, more comfortable ride. 

Tires are also normally bigger, which delivers a more cushioned encounter compared to the thinner tires used on street bikes. Obviously, there is a variation between versions.  Some are far more akin to street bicycles, others similar to mountain bikes.  When picking a hybrid vehicle, it is ideal to think of what exactly you're going to use it to many, and base your purchasing decision on this.