Public sector procurement is basically a strategic approach undertaken by organisations to meet their requirements. It involves the acquisition of quality goods and products or various services and utilities that the organisation requires from preferred suppliers.

The catch here is that there are a lot of vendors or suppliers furnishing similar products or services, but the purchase has to be done within a specific budget. This would minimise the organisational expenditures and also meet the stipulated requirements within a particular timeframe. Procurement Management processes include key elements like

  • Sourcing
  • Requisitioning
  • Ordering
  • Quality inspection
  • Negotiation
  •  Closing the deal

Procurement training in public sector

Since the last decade, the public sector has seen a radical transformation in the procurement management and strategies meted out by organisations. Therefore personnel seeking to build their mark in this sector need the requisite knowledge as well as the practical knowhow to emerge as successful procurement managers and directors.

The importance of ProcureAble

Being an expert in the field, ProcureAble is an internationally renowned institution for providing exceptional guidance in this sector.

ProcureAble is instrumental in organising procurement training seminars  in conjunction with world class universities and centres of academic excellence. These seminars are a mixture of academic intensity as well as modern techniques that are applicable on field. These seminars are aimed at building professionals out of mere individuals.

The professionals are equipped with the needful, would deliver crucial outcomes for an organisation in terms of economic bottom line.