Religious arts & crafts provide craftsmen with the opportunity to showcase their symbols of faith, and opportunities to craft their expressions of faith into tangible forms.

In this way, religious arts & crafts provide a way for believers to proudly acknowledge their beliefs and express their love for their gods. Religious arts & crafts usually do this by referring to the main textual tenants of their religion or dominant symbols. If you are looking for fusible glass then have a look at

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Religious arts & crafts, as is commonly thought in western societies, mainly relate to Christianity. For this reason, common symbols of Christianity – the cross, fish and bread, angels, Jesus Christ, etc. – generally incorporated into arts & crafts.

Another popular theme is combining scripture quotes. Of course, Christianity does not monopolize the arts & crafts of religion.

You can make various designs as you like. Stained glass sheets can be purchased in various sizes. Large sheets are cut and available in smaller sizes, and then you make your individual pieces. Glass comes in various types and styles in thousands of colours.

They also come in a series of textures; some of them come with uneven surfaces or gravel surfaces. This makes the glass appear bejewelled when light passes through it. The possibilities when working with stained glass are endless.