More problems and tips to consider as a real estate agent preparing the process of marketing commercial property for sale or rent continues as follows:

The list of factories and equipment contained in commercial property is usually needed at the time of sale and contract. On complex properties, this is best prepared by an engineer on behalf of the property owner. It may also be necessary to have a quantity surveyor check the details contained in the list. You can explore to get real estate agent education course.

The list of factories and equipment for future depreciation by property owners will be attractive to potential property buyers. Depreciation of factories and equipment in the property will have several benefits with a reduction in taxable income.

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This is usually in the field and knowledge of property accountants and lawyers. It is advisable to refer property sellers and buyers to their professional advisors in that matter.

Before bringing the large property to the market for sale, it is advisable to make a formal assessment that includes items one and two above. The resulting assessment will give you as a benchmark real estate agent where you can develop pricing and marketing strategies.

Any structural risk or threat to property must be investigated by the building engineer before the marketing process. Smart buyers will identify this problem; therefore it is appropriate for your answers to be supported by experts in technical opinion.

Environmental risks and threats from the surrounding area must be identified before marketing. Look for threats such as those from creeks and rivers, cliffs and sloping land, slippage, lowland land, and neighboring properties. Smart buyers will ask about this and the impact on the subject's property.