Direct Marketing Association (DMA) has historically reported direct mail campaigns to generate a low response rate. Depending on the type of campaign, response rates tend to range in the lower single digits, with some businesses reporting less than one percent (1%).

An analysis of the type of business, the breakeven point for direct mail campaigns and sales conversion probability is highly recommended before engaging in this kind of campaign.  You can check this source: PebblePost – Bring Great Marketing Home – Programmatic Direct Mail if you are looking for a direct mail campaign.

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One advantage of direct marketing email campaigns is that the mailing list can be purchased in electronic form.

Email lists can then be combined with the document publishing software to send letters, postcards or another mail form. This allows businesses to reach a large target audience, despite the low response rate was reported.

Another advantage of direct mail is the ability to build brand awareness for new businesses. Direct mail provides a targeted approach compared to other types of marketing campaigns, such as billboards and telemarketing.

Members of the target audience can read the material at any time and multiple times, whereas other forms of time-dependent.

DMA has reported building brand awareness occurs only after several campaigns, so this advantage to introduce a loss-surcharge for each wave of the campaign. The main drawback of direct mail marketing is the cost incurred for postage.