We have all bought a printer and been very happy with it and used the free ink that comes with it until it is used up. Then we get the sting in the tail when we go to buy a new ink cartridge.

Ink is expensive, in fact gram for gram printer ink is more expensive than gold. Many of us will spend many times the original cost of our printer on buying printer ink for our machine.

Whilst there may be a baffling amount of printers available out there they all have one thing in common, they tend to be a one off purchase or at least not something you buy very often.  latest inkjet pinter is recommended for your home and official purpose.

To be competitive and get their brands into as many homes and businesses as possible printer manufacturers must sell their machines with very low or in some case no profit.

Now in any other business these companies would very quickly go bust, however they have one ace up their sleeve – the ink. As long as you use their printer you will need to buy their ink too.

A printer without ink is as good as useless and ink has a fairly limited lifespan too meaning cartridges, toner and drums must be purchased on a regular basis. This is where the printer companies make their money by supplying this need for ink and charging a premium.

Now you may have tried to buy a different brand and put that in your printer. This is nearly always a mistake as all the big brands ensure that only their cartridges will fit in their machines. In this way no other manufacturer competes to sell ink to another's customers.

In this way the printer manufacturer create a mini monopoly and are able to charge almost whatever they like for their ink. This keeps them in business and helps keep the price of printers very low.

However many other companies have noticed that there is a demand for ink from a cheaper source and have started manufacturing compatible ink cartridges.