Preschool education has been pegged as the basis for successful and even successful education in adult life.

But not all preschools are created equal, not even preschoolers. Here are the characteristics and features that must be possessed by a good preschool:

Clean and safe location

This is not negotiable for preschoolers. We are talking about children under six years who will attend classes regularly. It is very important that even on the way to school they feel safe. You can also look for South Morang preschool via

There must be no health and safety hazard near the school. A good preschool does not only pay attention to a child's mental health but also his physical well-being.

Complete and safe facilities

Setting up a room will not be enough if we want a quality public preschool. There are basic facilities needed by children at all times and facilities needed to keep the school child-friendly and hazard-free.

Simply put, a preschool must have a toilet room, a sanitary area for eating, a separate area for rubbish, a clinic or a medicine cabinet, a floor without skid and a cabinet for toys and other materials.

A pleasant atmosphere

A kindergarten must have an atmosphere of welcoming small children. It should not look boring, hard, or threatening. Classrooms must be well ventilated and well-lit. Images and designs that are positive and color should be seen by children.

Staff and teachers must be helpful, friendly, and helpful. Children must be able to see that they will have fun in class and that a school is a place where they can play and learn.