Whenever parents bring their children from 3-5 years of age generally they think about the question that why they have to go to school. Whatever the playschool will teach their children in the study generally they can also teach them at home too.

In the age of a competitive school, if you are going to take admission in the class nursery during the interaction session with parents and children, all schools will ask you about the previous value your child scored in the nursery or in their pre-school.

Choosing the right preschool is most suitable for your child to develop better understanding and involvement in the school atmosphere a lot. You should select a preschool with Excellent pre-school facilities

Play School, Daycare and Activity Centre all come in the same objective to provide services for small children.

All schools follow the play way method of teaching and learning. They must be equipped with all facilities such as well-ventilated classrooms and lobbies, a music room, a computer room, a ball pool, a splash pool, dollhouse, gymnasium, metro trains, toys, and a library at their level.

The lesson plans each period should give special attention to each child to maintain maximum physical and mental status. They should focus on the complete development of each child with memory and observation skills, problem-solving, and logical thinking besides empowering the child's vocabulary or communication skills.

The curriculum also adopted to instill humanistic quality to children such as sharing and caring, independence, responsibility, and self-confidence. It also provides a platform for kids to improve their creativity through dance and music and a variety of other activities.