Look us in the eye and tell us that this is not true. If something broke your window that is obviously made of glass then you know better than to still be using your car like that. You need to get that fixed and replace the glass right away. If only there was something like a fire sprinkler for this that will automatically do it for us. But sadly, we have to just be satisfied with auto glass replacement in Vancouver BC.

But ah could you imagine? Something as automatic and sensory as a fire detector? If not for these things, we would never even know if a fire was suddenly there in the house or the school. If it detects even one whiff of fire then it is going to activate and spray us with water so we do not burn. Death by burning is one of the worst death there is. Do you not watch Game of Thrones?

Yes, this might cost you money but then again, everything in the world costs some amount of money, right? There should not be any hesitation when we are thinking about our safety. About the safety or our children. Our families.

We would really like it better if a fire does not happen to our house or to any place that we go through. We have been burnt before because of our fascination with candles when we were young and we KNOW that it was painful. How much more if it was on our entire body?

And even if we have no scratch on us and leave the burning home because we have been saved, do you really want all your stuff to be burned down into the ground as if Drogon just Dracarys-ed it? no. We all would like to have our stuff safe and unburnt no matter what.

Fire is useful to us but it does not take a genius to know that fire is fire and that fire burns. Even children know to stay away from it. Even when we had been stupid when we were young, we knew not to mess with fire once we got burnt.

So it really should not take a rocket science teacher to tell us that those sprinklers should be up there on your ceiling to prevent any hazard that could happen in the future. Did you really want to risk that? Your children could be playing in their room and not notice that there was already something burning somewhere eels in the house, you know?

Why not just save yourself the trouble of worrying by having that thing installed all over the entire house? It would save us all the trouble and even your neighbors would be a bit thankful because fire can spread. Could you imagine getting them involved all because you were clumsy with our lighter or match?

Do not make the same mistake all the other victims did. But just because you have this thing installed already does not mean that you should just go ahead and play with fire around your home. You could still cause a fire and it would still get you and the rest of the people there killed, you know?